Wellness Tech: MyLife Mindfulness App Supports Families, Sleep and Movement

The MyLife mindfulness app has several features that help children and adults build their emotional strength.

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The MyLife app recently introduced several new features in response to the changing mindfulness landscape around the pandemic. The personalized emotional wellness platform helps kids and adults build the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way, with more than 400 activities including meditation, breathing, yoga, acupressure, journaling and more. With the new update, support for sleep, movement and families will be increasingly present. 

The new features available to premium subscribers include:  

Mindful Parent, Mindful Child  

A 30-day meditation journey aimed at parents and crafted by Susan Kaiser Greenland, author, expert mindfulness teacher and founding faculty member of UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center's facility training curriculum. Users will participate in activities that guide them through a variety of exercises to remain present and grounded, including purposeful breathwork and tips to navigate power struggles within their family.

Essentials Bundles

These time-sensitive programs allow users to pick activities as needed, from journaling prompts to shorter meditations that all speak to a specific theme:  

  • Gratitude Essentials: Key activities include a wakeup journal prompt and guided meditation that celebrates resilience and inner strength.
  • Beginner Essentials: Helps users get started or brush up on the building blocks of meditation with various introductory activities, like relaxation exercises and breath awareness.
  • Sleep Essentials: From mindful breathing to snooze-friendly yoga, the activities offered here are short enough for users to easily fit into their bedtime routine.
  • Grounding Essentials: Created around the American Psychological Association's report that 67% of Americans reported an increase in stress during the pandemic, this bundle offers activities like a wakeup journal prompt and a guided meditation that celebrates resilience and inner strength.


Responding to a need for more physical activity in daily lives, mindful movement will see greater focus in the app. A total of 57 stand-alone activities have been added, along with a seven-day Resilience Through Movement plan.  

"Stress and anxiety have reached epidemic levels for our society, and mindfulness solutions are not one size fits all," says cofounder Jamie Price. "We are focusing more on sleep, movement and families because we know they are more important than ever, while always starting every check-in with 'How are you feeling?' because it always comes back to that."  

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