Wellness Tech: Social Media App Improves Sleep

A social media app called Scrollaby helps improve sleep using the same scrolling function as regular social media apps.

woman smiling at her phone before bed

A new app called Scrollaby is taking over social media feeds to help users get what they really want: a good night's sleep.

Developed around the fact that "doom scrolling" and smartphone use before bed in general can cause sleeplessness, Scrollaby functions as a digital lullaby hidden within a user's social feed that helps prepare them for deep, meaningful sleep. The app presents specially created content such as stories, soundscapes and visual meditations while users scroll through their feeds.

Each time Scrollaby is launched, the user is met with a feed of sleep-promoting content, making each experience unique. The content helps relax both body and mind by using dozens of research-backed techniques like HRV breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training—all while retaining a recognizable and friendly user interface.

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