Functional Botanicals’ Dry Wipes Embraced by Spas & Resorts

Functional Botanicals has four different dry wipes that are popping up in spas and resorts across the country.

Rc Bacara 30
Courtesy of Functional Botanicals

Functional Botanicals disinfecting dry wipes, biodegradable bamboo tablets infused with organic essential oils, are currently being embraced by spas and resorts. The wipes come in four different types: Simple Wipes, Essential Wipes, Essential Wipes Plus and LUNA Wipes, and the tablets expand into a full-size aromatic cleansing towelette with an ounce of water.

“I saw a great opportunity in supporting the hospitality, spa and wellness industrieswhere I spent the bulk of my professional life. I have always been drawn to convenient products that are environmentally conscious and can serve many needs. The sweet spot for our business is providing this amenity and marketing asset through private label, as we can customize the logo, essential oil and soap blend right through to packaging to support any client,” said Cortney Devlin Olmstead, CEO of Functional Botanicals.

And this offering couldn't come at a better time, as spa directors have been increasingly concerned with the environmental implications of disposable PPE and toxic disinfectants. Olmstead notes that Essential Wipes are an ideal alternative to laundry-intensive washcloths because they are all natural, contain no alcohol, no preservatives and are completely biodegradable.

Among a number of destinations embracing the trend is Mirbeau Resorts, which has launched a fully branded in-room and spa amenity program featuring the private label wipes infused with its signature lavender scent.

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