Room Mate Hotel Chain Offers Free Covid-19 Tests to Guests

The hotel chain hopes to soothe travelers worries by providing free COVID testing to its guests.

Courtesy Of Room Mate Quironprevencion
Courtesy of Room Mate Hotels/Quironprevencion

Room Mate Hotels, a chain headquartered in Spain, has partnered with Quirónprevención to offer free COVID-19 testing to its guests.

Qualified healthcare professionals from Quirónprevención, which is a risk prevention company focused on healthy working conditions, will perform rapid antigen test for the hotel chain and provide guests with a symptom tracking service throughout their stay via an app. The ultimate aim is to ensure safety and peace of mind for both its clients and hotel personnel. The rapid antigen test is able to detect the virus from the moment it is transmitted, with a high degree of accuracy. The test turnaround is fast, providing results within just 15 minutes.

Guests will be able to take the test for free before travelling by visiting a Quirónprevención clinic in their home town, or directly upon arrival at the hotel’s reception. Long-stay guests will be tested every three to five days. The service will also be offered to all clients who organize events at the hotels.

“People always lie at the heart of every single decision we make as a company. Right now, our priority is the health of our guests and our roomies. That's why we have teamed up with Quirónprevención, to become the first chain to offer free antigen tests to all of our guests at our hotels in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and Turkey,” said Kike Sarasola, CEO and founder of Room Mate Hotels.

As part of the first phase, the tests will be available in the four hotels based in Spain: Room Mate Óscar in Madrid, Room Mate Anna in Barcelona, Room Mate Valeria in Malaga, and Room Mate Leo in Granada.

In the next phase, the testing service will be expanded across all of the company's hotels, as well as its beach hotels set to open next summer.

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