Spa Revolutions Provides Solutions for Sanitary Hot Stone Massages

Spa Revolutions showcases their thermaBliss collection as the new normal for hot massage services.

Porcelainstones Np

Covid-19 changed a lot of sanitary standards in the spa and wellness community. One such change includes the issue of sanitizing hot stones used in massage treatments. Spa Revolutions has launched the thermaBliss collection of stones that offer sanitary, non-porous and electricity-free massage benefits for hot stone services. 

ThermaBliss shells are available in several materials including codacia, ceramic and natural cowrie. Codacia shells are handpicked, sanded and polished. Similarly, ceramic shells are handcrafted with the highest quality of ceramic and crushed seashells that are hand painted to mimic the look of codacia shells. 

The natural cowrie shells have an ergonomic shape that can be used in services including trigger point, reflexology, spot treatment and facial services. The tools are long lasting, staying warm for more than 45 minutes. 

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