Blue Diamond Resorts Gives Free Healthcare to Guests

This luxury hotel management company now provides all guests with all-inclusive medical insurance during their stay.

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Since 2011, Blue Diamond Resorts has 46 properties, spread across 10 different countries. Blue Diamond Resorts is a hotel management company that provides high quality and luxury vacation experiences.

Blue Diamond Resorts now provides guests, who book directly through their websites, with free all-in medical insurance. This insurance covers COVID-19 related treatments and other accidents and illnesses, while staying at a resort. Blue Diamond Resorts partnered with MAS Servicios to provide this insurance.

The insurance includes, but is not limited to the following coverage:

·      Medical assistance due to accident or illness (COVID-19 included) coverage up to $55,000 USD

·       Emergency medical transfer, funeral or repatriation coverage up to $50,000 USD

·       If a guest must remain at the hotel due to illness, coverage of quarantine costs up to $100 USD per night for 14 nights for the guest and three travel companions

·       Airfare covered for early return due to death of a relative or due to home-related accidents and emergencies

·       Medication for hospitalization, home doctor, 24-hour telephone medical assistance, psychological assistance, 24-hour legal assistance and checked luggage location are all included

Blue Diamond Resorts also partnered with Cristal International Standards, to utilize their POSI-Check (Prevention of the Spread of Infection). This feature monitors the effectiveness of health and safety programs in hotels and restaurants around the world.

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