Hot Topic: The Neuroscience of Beauty and Wellness

Image Courtesy of GWS
Image Courtesy of GWS
Images Courtesy of GWSImages Courtesy of GWS

The ongoing growth of beauty and wellness speaks volumes to consumers’ quest to achieve their aesthetic ideal. Yet, research into this area’s scientific basis is a fairly contemporary topic. The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) aims to highlight this field by tapping three leading experts on the “neuroscience of beauty” as keynote speakers at this year’s conference: Anjan Chatterjee, MD; Nancy Etcoff, PhD; and Lisa Ishii, MD, are set to present their research and findings on how beauty impacts the brain and why.

Dr. Chatterjee is a professor of neurology at The University of Pennsylvania; chair of neurology at Pennsylvania Hospital; and author and co-editor of numerous neurology, neurotics and neuropsychology texts. His studies aim to identify why humans find other people or places beautiful.

Etcoff is an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and a psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital department of psychiatry, where she heads the aesthetics and well being program. She created a course in neuroaesthetics at Harvard where she conducts research on the science of happiness, focusing on what we find beautiful in people and why.

Dr. Ishii is chief quality officer for clinical best practices at the Johns Hopkins Health System and senior medical director for clinical integration at the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians. As a practicing plastic surgeon, she investigates the science behind people’s perception of beauty.

“Given the massive size of the beauty market and the fact that studies show that people respond at a deep neural level to beauty, it’s time to pay attention to the mounting scientific research on why we pursue beauty so fervently, rather than continue to dismiss

it as a somehow misguided or superficial quest,” noted Susie Ellis, GWS chairman and CEO.

The GWS will be held October 9-11 at The Breakers-Palm Beach in Florida. For more information visit, Global Wellness Summit.

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