Global Wellness Day Will Focus on Mental Well-Being

The 10th annual Global Wellness Day celebration will take place June 12, 2021, with a 12-hour free livestream aimed at "Protecting Our Mental Wellness."

In Malaysia, a group celebrates Global Wellness Day with a nature meditation.
In Malaysia, a group celebrates Global Wellness Day with a nature meditation.
Courtesy of Global Wellness Day (GWD)

The 10th annual Global Wellness Day (GWD) celebration will take place June 12, 2021. Global Wellness Day is celebrated in 170 countries in tens of thousands of locations from New Zealand to Hawaii. 

This year's GWD will be celebrated online, with a 12-hour free livestream in concert with safe, public events and complimentary educational wellness offerings. The theme, "Protecting Our Mental Wellness," aims to help all adults and children in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

“In a world where 1 in 10 people live with a mental health disorder, necessary steps to protect our minds and soul must be taken. Young people are more vulnerable than adults; according to a study, those aged 16 to 24 are the group most likely to report feeling lonely, especially those who are shy and introverted, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Never has Global Wellness Day’s message of One Day Can Change Your Whole Life been more meaningful,” said Belgin Aksoy, founder of Global Wellness Day.

Some standout and influential experts joining the GWD 2021:

Check out the celebrations planned for GWD 2021, including: 

  • Barbados– A socially distant celebration will consist of a nature walk, an hour of yoga, healthy food cooking demonstrations and free chair massages, and a fun family dance exercise.
  • Brazil– Will utilize the GWD 7 Step Manifesto with activities such as healthy cooking classes, building organic vegetable gardens, a recycling seminar, bottle collection and doing good deeds by those affected by the pandemic.
  • Canada– Fitness clubs and hotels partner to bring virtual Healing Yoga sessions, meditation workshops and more for employees and clients.
  • Costa Rica– GWD Costa Rica team will be organizing outdoor events in line with COVID-19 rules and regulations.
  • France– Tigre Yoga Club, Bleu Blanc Coeur, Fusion Workout and more partner to bring live face yoga, meditation, cardio workouts, sleep and nutrition seminars online.
  • Hungary– With the support of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Budapest, a series of online lectures, workshops and online fitness programs will be take place, performed by well-known Hungarian experts.
  • India– In spite of the devastating impact of COVID on the country, online GWD celebrations with wellness experts and guest speakers will cover topics such as breathing workshops, sleep optimization programs, health & nutrition workshops and much more, all broadcast live through social media.
  • Japan– GWD Japan team has organized various online activities to keep communities connected, such as a 30-Day Morning Yoga Challenge, Wellness to Go, and Pass the Paddle Challenge with 100 GWD Supporters.
  • Macau– GWD Macau team has organized a day filled with fun activities such as Zumba, tabata, breakletics, kickboxing, morning and sunset stretching, and much more at the Macau Tower Outdoor Plaza.
  • New Zealand– Online and physical activities across the country will take place, such as sunset yoga, house dance competition, group fitness classes, online dancing classes, aqua exercises and more.
  • Puerto Rico– A series of online and socially distanced activities featuring yoga under the stars, aromatherapy workshop, sound meditation, Latin music dance classes and a 30-day meditation challenge.
  • South Korea– A day of fun and educational activities such as Gyro Kineses, stretching classes, yoga, Pilates, color therapy and much more have been prepared to take place at various locations such as InterContinental Hotel at Alpensia Resort, Park Roche Resort at Jeognsun, Leaf Pilates and Tao Yoga.
  • Sweden– An online celebration featuring webinars on protecting our mental well-being, giving our bodies the right fuel, boosting our self-esteem and exercise, as well as workshops on yoga and meditation, focused on the younger generations.
  • U.S.– Kerstin Florian will host hourly Guided Breathing Rituals at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a selection of Marriott’s luxury brands as well as the Florida Spa Association will be hosting classes by Cause + Medic and Clean Republic on green health and safety protocols and solutions during COVID and beyond.
  • Vietnam– Planned GWD activities include Tai Chi, yoga, beach clean-ups, dances, 30-minute nature walks, healthy cooking workshops, Zumba and more, planned to take place at schools, open area parks and partner venues.

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