GWS Creates New Standards for Conference Safety

The Global Wellness Summit is doing everything possible to ensure that delegates, guests and hotel personnel are safe and healthy during this year's event.

The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida
The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), taking place at The Breakers Palm Beach from November 8-11, 2020, will utilize several new technologies and creative moves, never before used at the Summit and all designed to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The GWS has been working overtime to invent new standards for a hygienic and healthy conference, and while it includes givens, such as a smaller gatherings, physical distancing, masks and temperature checks, the organization has gone much further by deploying cutting-edge air and surface sanitation technologyand using a whole lot of creativity.

The GWS will require rapid, medically administered COVID-19 testing at check-in, thanks to the local Premier Family Health. Through a partnership with Healthē, the Summit will also  install human-safe, Far-UV light technologies to continuously fight potential coronaviruses in interior conference spaces.

Healthē is a leader in developing and deploying sanitization, circadian and biological lighting solutions, and its latest tech utilizes Far-UVC and UVC light to disinfect indoor environments in real time. To that end, three Healthē technologies will protect GWS indoor meeting spaces:

  • Healthē Entry: Attendees will receive a temperature check and pass through a Far-UV light portal that will remove up to 90% of the possible viral (and bacterial) load on clothes and other belongings.  
  • Healthē Space: In the ballroom, a custom version of the Healthē Space solution will be installed, which uses overhead lamps that emit Far-UVC 222 light to disinfect the room’s air and surfaces.
  • Healthē Air: A multi-stage solution using stronger UV wavelengths to continuously sanitize the air, featuring HEPA-Carbon activated filtration to purify the air before reaching HVAC’s duct openings.

The main meeting space will be transformed into a series of creatively distanced “wellness spaces” so that delegates can move and sit on recumbent bikes and stability balls, rather than traditional banquet chairs. In addition, The Breakers is allowing the GWS to push many sessions and events outdoors.

“Creating the 2020 GWS has meant thinking way out of the usual ‘meetings box’—and we are only able to invent this new ‘Safe Summit’ by collaborating with the best in the business: Dr. Carmona, The Breakers, Healthē, Victor and Lynne Brick, Premier Family Health and more,” said Nancy Davis, GWS chief creative officer and executive director. “We’ve taken extraordinary measures to mitigate risk; it’s meant rethinking every aspect of the conference, and we hope we can serve as a model for how to meet safely again.”

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