Wellness Tech Gives Fitness Providers Access to Blood Testing

InsideTracker Pro helps health and fitness practitioners expand their service and treatment offerings.

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Health and fitness app InsideTracker has unveiled InsideTracker Pro, a program designed to help registered dietitians, coaches, trainers and other health and wellness practitioners to expand their offerings with customized programs and evidence-backed recommendations using blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness tracker data.

Together with their InsideTracker professional, clients select a product, schedule a blood draw at a local lab or at home and the results, along with a personalized plan, are available to the practitioner on a secure dashboard within a week. Ideal for clients seeking to improve endurance, strength, mental performance or general health, the program  measures things like vitamins D and B12, ferritin and cortisol. It then builds a plan professionals can track with follow-up testing to gauge the impact of training and lifestyle changes, plus a menu of other test options to fine-tune results. InsideTracker Pro creates an additional revenue stream for these providers, with commissions on in-demand services, client and member discounts, educational and marketing resources and more.

"We hear from coaches every day who know getting a look 'under the hood' into the human body is the best way to maximize results, get objective proof of program impact and help high-performing clients constantly calibrate their bodies, but don't have years to devote to studying the data," said Gil Blander, cofounder and chief scientific officer of InsideTracker. "Since 2009, we've taken the guesswork out of using blood biomarkers to inform programming with our patented algorithm based on multiple inputs and a discerning eye towards research. We're excited to partner with professionals to offer this knowledge to clients through our InsideTracker Pro program."

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