"Wellness at Home" Video Series Helps Resort Stay Connected to Guests

Kasiiya Papagayo, a wellness retreat in Costa Rica, has created a "Wellness at Home" video series to help improve guests' well-being even when they're unable to visit.

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Kasiiya Papagayo, an eco-wilderness retreat in Costa Rica, has created “Kasiiya at Home” to bring health and wellness energy into homes around the world through a series of videos demonstrating techniques to help combat these difficult times. The video series features tutorials set to calming melodies that help create a truly refreshing wellness experience in the comfort of guests' homes. Each "class" is taught by the property's healer Juan Carlos Fonseca Schmidt, known as Yamuna, who provides professional spa and healing services, particularly the opening of chakras.

Self-Massage: Viewers learn the restorative wonders of self-healing as Yamuna leads them though self-massage techniques, identifying the body’s meridians to alleviate emotional energy and physical pains. The three-minute videos target the neck and head, hands and feet, and liver.

Family Wellness: To help guests share the benefits of massage with their loved ones, Yamuna teaches them how to connect with each other through relaxing touch, via a couples back massage, and targeted foot and head massages focusing on pressure points to release energy and toxins.

Meditation and Chakras: Viewers will learn to balance their energies and understand the alignment of their chakras. Yamuna takes them through each energy point, explaining their purpose and how to open and align each with areas of the energetic body that affect emotional and physical well-being.

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