8 Business Trends Revealed by the Mindbody Wellness Index

The top 8 spa business trends revealed by the 2021 Mindbody Wellness Index.

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The recently released Mindbody Wellness Index revealed a number of trends facing the spa and wellness industry in 2021. The report predicts the following 8 fastest growing trends.

1. Immunity Support

The pandemic has made a number of spa-goers realize that they need to be healthier to withstand illness, and that they have a personal role in maintaining their wellness. Clients will be very interested in immunity-boosting treatments and products, both in spa and at home. In fact, educating guests on their immunity support in between visits will be key. Sought after options include lymphatic drainage, infrared saunas, contrast therapy, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and anything that stimulates circulation. Products that promote gut health and support the microbiome will also be of interest. 

2. Low-Touch Treatments

COVID-19 safety and hygiene practices will continue to be of utmost importance through 2021. In that vein, low-touch treatment options will help spas accommodate those guests who are still shy about personal contact. Popular options include saunas, wet areas, salt rooms, cryotherapy, guided meditation or meditation domes, LED therapy and flotation. As awareness of these treatments grows, interest will grow as well.

3. Spa Memberships

Subscription and membership models are ideal for stressed consumers to commit to relaxing services—and themselves. Membership-based business models will continue to show strength and provide a steady stream of spa revenue. Wellness memberships with access to amenities will be popular in 2021, in addition to more basic massage/body treatment and facial options.

4. Company Retreats

With remote work remaining a mainstay for many companies, spas and hospitality venues could find a niche in hosting small spa retreats, especially if they're able to combine work with wellness activities. The majority of Americans believe that wellness brings people together, so the spa is a great place to bring coworkers together for quality time. 

5. "Femtech"

Sexual wellness and "femtech" are experiencing a surge in interest as women feel more empowered and focused on their whole health. This category includes fertility health and reproductive system care, but spas can play a role with treatments and products that support women's health.

6. Social Network Marketing

For spa marketing, social networks will remain front and center. Maintain a robust digital media plan to keep consumers engaged with your business even when they're not visiting. Advice, workshops, product recommendations and how-to's will provide compelling content and encourage sharing. 

7. Face Focus

Mask wearing will continue for some time, so overall skin health and above-the-mask treatments will be of interest to spa-goers. Exfoliants, peels, LED therapy and microcurrent treatments for the face, plus beautifully groomed brows and lash extensions, will help clients to feel more attractive as they continue to stare at themselves all day on Zoom calls. 

8. Mental Wellness

Workshops, treatments and apps, can allow spas to introduce self-improvement and mindfulness practices, including restful sleep, meditation and nutritional supplements that support brain health—and there's plenty of interest to keep these offerings going

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