What’s your policy on pre-treatment prep?


The Situation: “Many treatments require the client to be properly prepared in advance,” says spa consultant, Lisa Marie Arnold, owner of Lisa Marie Arnold, Inc. “For a spray tan, one should exfoliate first and avoid body lotion. For pedicures, we recommend not shaving before, to prevent irritation from leg exfoliation. And, with waxing, you don’t want to use retinol prior to treatment. However, some clients don’t always understand or follow these rules of thumb.”

The Solution: “Front desk employees should be trained to inform clients of pre-treatment protocol when booking a treatment, and to follow-up when guests arrive for their appointment,” says Arnold. “We have guests sign a release form that states they are not properly prepared for treatment, which places the onus on them. By using release forms, the client is more likely follow instructions the next time.”

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