What do you do if you suspect a client stole something from your spa?


The Situation: “Theft is an issue with any business and spas aren’t an exception,” explains Bruce Schoenberg, president of Oasis Day Spas in New York City and Westchester, N.Y. “We’ve had situations where we suspect a client has put a product in their bag, or in some cases we’ve actually seen them do it.”

The Solution: “First and foremost, there should be a plan in place for this type of activity that includes a security system with cameras,” Schoenberg advises. “I’ve trained my staff on how to identify a thief, be aware of potential danger zones and know the inventory well. We also follow a protocol which employs a code word for staffers should a client attempt to steal merchandise. Sometimes we escort the suspected client into the manager’s office to inform them of what we saw and other times we’ve just added the swiped product to their bill. If they question the bill, we pull them aside and say, ‘We know that you probably inadvertently put this product in your bag. We didn’t want to embarrass you, so we automatically added it onto your bill’.”

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