Do you have a solid retail return policy?


The Situation: “There are times when clients will test a product, buy it, use it and a week later come in for a refund or credit,” says Bruce Schoenberg, president of Oasis Day Spas in New York City and Westchester, New York. “It’s one thing if the client had a bad reaction or it was a onetime occurrence. However, if it’s an ongoing case of a client testing and returning, something needs to be done.”

The Solution: “The key is to have a solid return policy that is printed on your receipt, visible on your website and on your retail floor,” advises Schoenberg. “If it’s a one-time thing, we offer a credit without question. But, certain products are not refundable and that is clearly stated on the receipt. With serial policy violators, we will escort them off the retail floor and into the manager’s office and say, ‘Listen, you do this all the time. We have testers on the floor to avoid this type of problem.’ Sometimes I’ll suggest they buy another product and offer it to them at half price.”

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