How do you cool down clients who are feeling the heat from super-hot wax treatment?


The Situation: “Every waxer worth their weight in goo knows to test the wax temperature before applying it to their client’s skin–especially on the sensitive bikini area,” says an anonymous spa-goer. “Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case at my former regular spa, and I was burned during a Brazilian wax treatment to the point of screaming, ‘Ouch!’ I left the facility with tears in my eyes along with throbbing red marks on my you-know-what.”

The Solution: “This particular spa did one thing right and one thing wrong,” she reflects. “They refunded my money, which saved them a negative online review. However, they didn’t acknowledge or apologize for the painful mishap, which prevented any future returns to the spa. Lesson to be learned: sometimes a simple-yet-sincere apology is worth more than a refund.”

As a spa professional, how would you have handled this predicament? Got a sticky situation to share? Email your spa horror story to!

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