How do you accommodate clients that arrive a bit too early?


The Situation: “A client arrived two hours earlier than scheduled, and was upset that her facial could not be accommodated at that time,”says Jackie Schieding, Head Concierge at Bella Santé Spas in Boston.

The Solution: “Our initial response was to make her comfortable,” says Schieding. “We offered to take her jacket and got her some tea. We then invited her to our longue in a calm setting and did some quick brainstorming to see what we could do to accommodate her while she waited for her treatment. We then told her, ‘We would love to have you spend a relaxing evening with us. Why don’t you change into a robe and enjoy the steam room.’ She was offered a complimentary manicure, which took up the time leading up to her scheduled appointment. Offering an alternative and positive scenario helped to calm her, and we ended with a happy agreement.”

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