How do you tactfully suggest corrective treatments to clients?

The Situation: Have you ever had a client who came in for a facial treatment, but failed to mention some fairly obvious–and visible–skin issues such as acne scars, dark spots and crow’s feet? How do you suggest targeted corrective solutions without offending or sounding like a product-pusher?

The Solution: “We start our pre-treatment consultations by asking each guest what they love about their skin,” says Summer Langhorne, general manager of milk + honey in Austin, Texas. “This begins an open and positive dialogue that will help make the client feel more comfortable. It also segues to the next question about what the client finds most challenging about her skin. By learning what the client wants to change or is having trouble with, the esthetician can not only cater the facial to their specific needs, they can also recommend products and treatments that will improve the things they are struggling with.”

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