What do you do when your spa’s chilly temperature makes for an unpleasant client experience?


The Situation: “At one of my recent spa visits, I witnessed an interesting interaction,” says an anonymous spa-goer. “There was an unhappy massage client checking out, and when the receptionist asked how the treatment went, the client replied, ‘Not very good. The air conditioning was blasting while I was getting my massage. I was freezing!'”

The Solution: The receptionist apologized and calmly promised to look into it. “The client’s loud response was,’It’s January–why is your air conditioner on? What part of January, winter, don’t you get?’,” recalls the spa-goer. What calmed this client down? “The receptionist remained patient, understanding, sympathetic, and, most importantly, apologetic,” she says. She told the client, ‘We are very sorry and will make sure it doesn’t happen again. The heat was on, so there must be something wrong with the system.’The client accepted it and even booked an appointment for next month!”

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