Check out these tips on how to keep color-treated locks healthy!


Whether your spa offer hair services or you just have clients with color-treated hair, share these tips from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) on how to keep dyed hair healthy.

  • Visit the dark side. Dermatologists recommend dyeing hair darker than a client’s natural hair color instead of lighter, as that helps minimize hair damage.
  • Go easy on the light. If your client is insistent on going lighter, keep it within three shades of her natural hair color, which requires less peroxide that can potentially damage hair.
  • Use sun protection. Advise clients to wear hats to keep their color-treated hair protected from the sun’s rays, which can cause it to dry out, become brittle and fade the color.
  • Perm with caution. Make sure your stylists are scrupulous about timing when they’re perming so as not to cause any long-lasting damage to your client’s hair.
  • When at home, test. If your client prefers to dye her own hair at home, advise her to always test store-bought hair color before applying it all over their hair to ensure there’s no allergic reaction to the product.

For more tips, check out the AAD’s video “Coloring and Perming Tips for Healthier-Looking Hair,” part of their “Dermatology A to Z” video series.

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