At Mexico’s Rosewood San Miguel De Allende resort, the molé flavoring isn’t confined to just restaurant menus.

Sense Spa at the Rosewood San Miguel De Allende Resort

Perched on a hillside in the central highlands of Mexico approximately 177 miles northwest of Mexico City, Rosewood San Miguel De Allende attracts travelers seeking serious escape with a Latin flavor, and they find it on the resort’s top floor, where Sense Spa awaits them. Among the spa’s so-good-and-so-good-for-you menu options is the Step into San Miguel treatment with Molé (pronounced mó-lay) Scrub (4.5 hrs./$238).

The ritual begins with a 30-minute, guided walk through the historic, cobblestoned village of San Miguel. As the small, centuries-old stones provide their natural reflexology benefits, guests surrender to the positive spirit of their surroundings. Once back at the spa, they settle in for a four-hour nirvana. First comes a stimulating, full-body exfoliation care of Sense Spa’s Signature Molé scrub, an authentic blend of mole spice and cocoa. This is followed by a relaxing, organic shea butter massage, and topped with a hydrating herbal mist. The final treatment of the day harkens back to cobblestones, via the spa’s Cobblestones Pedicure with warm stone massage. The whole experience concludes with an antioxidant beverage and a spa lunch.

For those who want to do their wellness regimen one better, there’s Thermal Waters Wellness (3.5 hrs./$366), which takes advantage of the village’s natural thermal pools, and incorporates yoga, a tea service, a molé or lavender scrub, and a Thermal Stone Fusion Massage—after which breakfast is served. ¡Muy suntuoso! —Linda Kossoff

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