Want to help clients stick to their New Year’s resolutions? Suggest these inspiring reads:


Be Well (2011, Beneficial International) by M’Lisa Jackson, LCSW, is a spiral-bound workbook that presents straightforward explanations and easy-to-follow exercises for balancing the mind, body and spirit through healthy lifestyle choices.

Excerpt: “There are hundreds of small acts of self-nurturing that can serve to cultivate a more caring relationship with yourself and ultimately a much improved sense of self-worth. Just as you would offer small gestures of caring and nurturing to deepen your relationship with your spouse, child or friends you love, you can do the same for yourself.” (Chapter 6, “Your Past Experiences”)

Making Habits, Breaking Habits (2013, Da Capo Press) by Jeremy Dean, psychologist, analyzes the phenomenon of habits, and breaks them down so they can be fully understood—and ultimately managed.

Excerpt: “The habit itself is one of the most important clues as to what is going on in the unconscious. We can use our memories and conscious awareness to piece together a picture of what might be going on down there, at our cores. With these clues and an insight into how they are produced by the interaction between what habits we want and what habits we actually get, we can take better control of ourselves.” (Chapter 3, “Your Secret Autopilot”)

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