Provide a passion-worthy Valentine’s treat for lovers and spa clients!

Courtesy Hershey Spa

We’ve been burned before by good-looking, good-for-us smoothies that fail to deliver passion-worthy flavor, but, with its healthful ingredients and fuss-free recipe, the raspberry and white chocolate smoothie from Pennsylvania’s Hershey Spa is love at first sip.

When it comes to decadence, the Hershey Spa wields expertise—this is, after all, the home of Chocolate Fondue Wraps and Whipped Cocoa Baths. Chef Mario Oliverio created this spa refreshment to function as a morning meal, midday snack or light dessert. “It has a nice sweetness and velvety texture,” he says, noting that for an extra romantically indulgent meal, the smoothie pairs well with dark chocolatey desserts. “The smoothie’s raspberry flavor helps cleanse the palate after a rich chocolate cake.”

It appears Hershey Spa guests are just as enamored as we are: “People buy quarts of this and take it home,” Oliverio says. Hardly surprising; after all, everyone likes to introduce a promising find to loved ones. In fact, we might bring this smoothie home to meet mom!

Raspberry and White Chocolate Smoothie

Makes 1 quart

• 16 oz. fresh or frozen raspberries
• 24 oz. vanilla yogurt
• ¼ c. honey
• ½ c. granulated sugar
• ½ c. white chocolate shavings or chips
• 1 tsp. orange zest

Using a large blender, puree ingredients until smooth. Ready to serve, or chill overnight.

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