Spa Marketing: Yelp Help - Winning Back An Unhappy Client

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An old marketing axiom warns: If you have a happy client, they tell three friends. If you have an unhappy client, they tell 10. In this social media age, if that unhappy client posts a single Yelp review, those 10 friends can quickly turn into an infinite number of Internet gripers.

The power of Yelp in garnering new clients is undeniable. According to Ryan Dohrn, founder of consulting company Brain Swell Media, Yelp ranks very highly in Google search results, with Yelp frequently popping up at the top of the page.

Online reviews can serve as an excellent avenue for marketing. A good one is vital to garnering new clients, reports Karyn Lee, spa and marketing director of Dtox Day Spa in Los Feliz, California. On the flip side, a bad one can stop them from even considering visiting your establishment.

So what can you do if you come across a less-than-favorable Yelp review of your business? Four owners walk us through how they turned angry clients into repeat customers.

By Carrie Borzillo