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Hyperpigmentation treatments are more in demand than ever, and for good reason. Our 50-plus age demographic is growing exponentially, and so are the various spots, blotches and other pigment variations on these clients’ skin. “Hyperpigmentation is one of the top consumer skincare concerns, and a thorough understanding of hyperpigmentation and a selection of treatments and products to address it is fundamental to keeping these clients coming back,” asserts Christian Jurist, medical director of global education for Pevonia International. “A successful spa menu should always include at least one brightening treatment that offers immediate results, as well as cumulative benefits specifically targeting hyperpigmentation.”

However, with the increase of available hyperpigmentation treatments comes inevitable confusion for spa professionals. What’s the best way to attack this all-important skincare issue? DAYSPA breaks it all down here—from causes to treatments—to help you determine the most effective “spot-removal” strategy for your clients. —By Tracy Morin