SPA RETAIL: DAYSPA’s 2013 Mother’s Day Gift Guide—Part 1


The season to celebrate the maternal and paternal heroes in our lives is rapidly approaching, bringing with it legions of clients looking to gift their own moms and dads. Although gift cards are the reigning go-to gift for the Spring holiday season, a great retail add-on can curry major appeal among your guests--and your bottom line. For perfect parental offerings, we scouted some fabulous, crowd-pleasing spa treats, which we’ll be rolling out gradually throughout this month—in themed groupings—to suit five specific boutique styles. (For men-specific goodies, stay tuned for April’s final gallery!) Accounting for every recipient, from the young, hip mommy who loves to indulge in the latest beauty products, to the classic, on-the-go father who needs quick and convenient skincare solutions, to the no-nonsense matriarch who seeks luxurious yet serious skin care, we’ve got winning gifts that are sure to make the parent-centric season a moneymaking time for your retail operation!

Part 1 of our Mother’s/Father’s Day gift guide is geared towards beauty-loving mamas with a weakness for trendy cosmetic items. We hope you find the parental guidance you need!