SPA MARKETING: How to Lure Men Using ALL of Your Spa Menu

Armando Sanchez

Gone are the days of the dated “Real men don’t eat quiche” attitude—today’s spas are helping to preen and relax more than the occasional husband, boyfriend or stylish gay dude. In fact, men of all ages, tax brackets, backgrounds and lifestyles are increasingly seeing spa services as part of an overall wellness and grooming plan.

But of course, men are still different animals. Luring them in for any service—be it massage, or facial, body treatment or nail care—requires spa pros to speak a specific language. Salon folk have long known that when it comes to XYs, you offer a “haircut,” never a “hairdo,” so it’s high time spa pros wise up to males’ unique receptors, too. And the same goes for fashioning man-friendly facilities. While creating an instant “man cave” is no short order, there are simple ways to tailor your spa space to all the young (and old) dudes. (Think strong showers, superhot steam rooms and well-spaced-out seating in your lounge.) For more insider intelligence, we grilled six experts—from consultants and marketing experts to seasoned spa owners—about the best ways to pitch all types of services to attract male takers. Click through our slideshow to get in on these pros’ courting know-how. —By Russell A. Jackson

Our Panel:

Denise Dubois, owner, Complexions Day Spa, Albany, New York
Laurie Knowlton, owner, Zen 3 Spa and Bodyworks, Springfield, Missouri
Leah Komaiko, marketing strategist, author and speaker
Debbie Patterson, owner, Namaste Spa, Talent, Oregon
Enrique Ramirez, owner, Face to Face New York Day Spa, New York City
Rianna Riego, principal, Global SpaVantage


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