Something Borrowed, Something New

Ciel Spa’s couples’ suite
The Ciel Spa’s couples’ suite, where many bridal party guests are “entertained.”

Upstairs on the second floor of the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles sits the 5,000-square-foot Ciel Spa, an unlikely fantasyland of Zen serenity and boundary-pushing design. With all white and silver interiors, the spa distinguishes itself through textures—quilted locker doors, tufted chairs and gleaming silver mirrors—and unexpected touches such as the row of white ceramic hands protruding from the main hallway walls, each holding a spray a white orchids. It’s the kind of “Alice in Wonderland Just Checked Into the Penthouse” destination that lures such bold-faced names as Olivia Wilde and Uma Thurman.

But many non-celeb mortals have expressed a similar appreciation of this spa, and local brides in particular. DAYSPA checked in to find out what makes Ciel uniquely successful in catering to the wedding market. —By Alison Singh Gee