Spa REVIEWS: Six Senses Spa in Barcelona

Six Senses Spa deck and sunset

The Six Senses Spa, a Thailand-based brand with locations in such paradisiacal locations as The Dominican Republic, Macau and Maldives, finds its Spanish outpost in a setting more urban—but no less awe-inspiring—than usual: the 43rd floor of the luxe Hotel Arts Barcelona. Inside the bi-level spa, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and offers sweeping city views, therapists take a wellness-oriented approach, affording clients a personalized touch with an emphasis on inner and outer cleansing.

As for the eponymous sixth sense? The company has pictorialized its mission on a six-dot pyramid symbol: Its foundation is formed by the three primary senses (sight, sound and touch); the second stage appeals to taste and smell; and the apex of the model symbolizes the singular sensory experience of a Six Senses Spa.

According to the service menu, the pyramid is a “visual testimonial to the belief that the spa experience may only be achieved once all five senses have been nurtured.” Stirred to fully immerse my own senses, I traveled to Barcelona to find out firsthand how such a far-reaching vision is carried out. —Tracy Morin