Personalizing Your Potions

woman looking at beauty products

As spa-goers become increasingly aware of organic and indigenous ingredients, many savvy business owners are turning to expert formulators to help them meet this demand via signature products. Working with local herbalists and manufacturers is an easy and effective way to serve a burgeoning wellness- and green-conscious clientele, and can also complement your existing retail arsenal, as these simple products tend to make compelling gifts and souvenirs. Plus, retailing a range of home products featuring your spa’s name and signature scent sends your branding message out to promote itself, boosting visibility and reinforcing guest loyalty.

“A custom-formulated product allows guests to take their unique experience home and savor it longer as they continue to rejuvenate with products containing wild plants unique to your area,” notes Jennifer Hobson, who handles public relations for New Mexico’s Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa.

According to Hobson, the key to making your unique product stand out lies in using herbs, flowers, and other natural resources that are indigenous to your spa’s area. As you’ll see from DAYSPA’s consultations with spa decision-makers who have been successful with this strategy, mining your own backyard for key ingredients is the first step in creating a signature take-home item that will help get your spa on the map. Each of these pros has added at least one customized signature product to augment its established skincare treatment line(s). —Carrie Borzillo