Worldly Wonders: South America


Clients seeking a brazen and bold new look this Spring can draw inspiration from a region of the world that blends these vivid qualities in all aspects of life.

Whether out shopping in el mercado or heading to a carnaval, style-conscious South American women are always ready for the show. It’s safe to say these women don’t shy away from color—think eye-catching nails, dazzling eye shadows and fiery red lips—so it’s not surprising they provide the perfect inspiration for a Spring look that’s muy caliente.

“Beauty is very important to Latin women,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director of OPI. “It’s a huge part of their individuality and personality. They love nail polish and lipstick. It could be 7 a.m., and they’re already gorgeous and ready for the day.”

In fact, Weiss-Fischmann was so enthralled by the carefree atmosphere she experienced on a trip to Brazil, she decided to dedicate OPI’s Spring 2014 collection to the colorful country. The 12-item line’s high-octane hues range from flamingo pink (“Kiss Me I’m Brazilian”) to soft orange (“Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go?”) to a deep teal (“Amazon… Amazoff”).

Essie’s new 2014 Resort collection also draws inspiration from a tropical paradise, with striking shades that include a cool coral (“Resort Fling”) and deep plum (“Under the Twilight”).

“Nail art and experimentation is crazier than ever,” says Arica Carpenter, brand manager for Cuccio Colour. “The accent ring-finger nail trend has evolved and now we’re seeing manicures with a different color and design for each nail. It’s taken on a life of its own!”

This season’s shadow palettes lend themselves to an exotic, fiesta-inspired look. “One of the most exciting trends for Spring is shades of shimmery gold, bronze and silver, applied on the face, neck and décolleté,” says Randal Hedges, brand ambassador for Jane Iredale. “These colors look amazing on skin in the sun.”

A bright red or coral pout is key to completing this sultry siren look. “The trend of brighter, more defined lips is coming back into style,” he adds.

South of the Border Sensations

1) Youngblood lipstick in Tangelo,
2) Essie polish in Under the Twilight,
3) Glo-Minerals jeweled eye pencil in Fizz,
4) Colorlab lipstick in In Love,
5) OPI polish in Amazon… Amazoff,
6) Keyano EyeShimmer in Sapphire,