Toward A More Perfect Union

The Grand Del Mar’s men’s lounge
The Grand Del Mar’s men’s lounge

Sidebar: Here Comes The Groom

Let’s not forget about the guys. Whether it’s for a good ol’ fashioned shave or a manly manicure, more grooms than ever are heading to the spa to spruce up for their weddings.

“They’re getting manicures, pedicures, waxings, massages and just looking to relax on the big day,” says Croghan. The Grand Del Mar makes XYs feel more at home with the spa’s sophisticated men’s lounge, outfitted with red leather chairs and a cocktail bar. “We want to make them feel comfortable, and to have a place to just hang out for a bit,” Croghan says.

Grand Del Mar staff is also trained to ease the groom into waxing procedures that the bride-to-be may have suggested. “Sometimes, men don’t even know they’re receiving these treatments until we are finished. They walk out amazed,” Croghan says. “Other times, our staff has very effective and subtle ways of providing recommendations in that area, such as saying, ‘Would you mind if I removed some of the hair around your brow line?’ No one wants a groom with a uni-brow!”

Vdara’s newly launched groom packages include Groomed & Polished, which includes a haircut, style and MAN-icure for $77 and the Tie the Knot, for $212, which includes the above plus a 50-minute deep-tissue massage. “We saw a missed opportunity last year in terms of wedding packages, so we introduced these new packages to serve clients who need simple, results-oriented treatments,” Mariani says.

At the Spa & Salon Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Groom’s Royal Shave (45 min./$60) and Men’s Grooming, a brow trim and nose and ear waxing ($50), are a hit among husbands-to-be.

A Y-Chromosome Facial (80 min./$170) and The Dirty Hairy Cut (a head-to-toe manscaping service that costs $20 per body part or $100 for full body) are popular pre-wedding requests at Face to Face New York (, especially since the spa was featured in a recent bridal issue of New York magazine.

“Press has always been key to our marketing and promotion,” says Face to Face’s owner, Enrique Ramirez. And in its quest to stay oh-so au courant, Face to Face recently began offering... wait for it... pejazzling services ($20), which can only be described as the masculine answer to the popular women’s service, vajazzling, in which body bling is added to clients’ private parts.