Spa Services: Hair Removal



While not quite as popular as lasering, electrolysis still attracts a loyal fan base. Targeting one hair follicle at a time, this treatment is effective in dramatically reducing hair growth after all sessions have been completed (the number of recommended services varies with each client, according to factors such as hair type and re-growth cycle).

Why clients choose it: “Many guests liker this treatment because it’s not dependent on the color/pigment of the hair, like laser often is,” says Shelly Chilton, owner of Simply You Wellness Spa in Massena, New York. “Electrolysis targets the follicle and deactivates the root. The service tends to be cheaper than laser hair removal, so clients who can’t afford laser often opt for electrolysis.”

Pre-and post-care recommendations: “I encourage guests to moisturize the treatment area and make sure they’re relaxed when they come in for service, as the thought of the electrolysis needle probing their skin can be daunting,” says Chilton. “After the treatment, the skin might become a little red or swollen, so I advise them to apply aloe vera, vitamin E, lavender or coconut oil to soothe and calm the skin.” Sun exposure is also off-limits for the next three to four days, Chilton adds.

Common misconceptions: “I think it’s important for clients to understand that this—or any hair-removal method—won’t make the hair disappear forever. Yes, electrolysis does reduce hair growth, but it’s not permanent. Many factors can contribute to eventual re-growth (hormone levels, for example), and clients may need to treat the area first before seeking hair-removal services.”