Spa Services: Hair Removal



Probably the most requested hair-removal method in the U.S., waxing is a popular choice because of its low price point and speedy, in-and-out (or wax-on, wax-off) process.

Why clients choose it: “It’s quick and easy,” says Diana Evans, lead esthetician at Milk+Honey Spa in Austin, Texas. “And, unlike other methods of hair removal, waxing can be done on almost any part of the body.”

Pre-and post-care recommendations: “I advise clients to apply a gentle sugar scrub to areas prone to ingrown hair about 12-24 hours prior to treatment,” says Evans. “I also tell clients who use retinol as part of their skincare regimens to discontinue use a week before the service, as retinol is a rapid exfoliator and applying hot wax on top of it can cause the skin to lift.” Evans also advises to keep the area moisturized as this allows the skin to handle wax better. Post-treatment, clients should avoid touching the treated area with unwashed hands, and apply oil-and bacteria-eliminating products (such as those used to address acne) to the skin 24 hours after waxing to prevent breakouts.

Common misconceptions: ”Clients expect waxing to be an extremely painful experience and they tend to tense up,” says Evans. “The key is to relax. We try to make clients as comfortable as possible and reduce the tension by making them laugh and engaging them in conversation. Once they ease up, they find it to be less painful then they thought.”