SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Countouring Protocols

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The Ultimate Shrink Wrap

featuring products by Anesi Parfango (Universal Companies)

Spa: Spa Gregorie’s, Newport Beach, CA
• Weigh client and take measurements above the knee, mid-thigh and upper thigh.
• Apply light coat of Cremfoliant onto treatment area. Wait 1 minute, then gently rub area using circular motions. Once the product has dried, dust off any remaining granules with a tissue.
• Using a dropper, remove liquid from the desired serum ampoule and apply to cellulitic spots using gentle massage motions until product is absorbed.
• Stir and apply Parafango over treatment area in a crosshatch pattern, using a body brush.
• Tightly wrap plastic film around treatment area four times. Cover client with a wool or heated blanket, and allow her to rest 20 minutes before removing covers and film.
• Remove Parafango from
treatment area.
• Apply desired thermo-active cream, using gentle, upward strokes.
• Measure client again, recording her measurements.

Why clients love it: “It’s ideal for clients seeking treatment that detoxifies, moisturizes and promotes water-weight loss,” says Spa Gregorie’s director, Carmel Abbgy. “The warm, cocoon-like mud wrap is such a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”