SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Countouring Protocols

La Bella Spa

Infrared Photo Pneumatic Massage

featuring the WAVE 4 by Silhouet-Tone

Spa: La Bella Spa, Merritt Island, FL
Selling Point: After body peeling or exfoliation, this massage improves circulation and loosens bands of connective tissue around these fat deposits that cause skin dimpling. Meanwhile, the Infrared 900nm energy heats skin from within, rendering it more pliable and receptive to the rolling action, which also aids in fat release.
• Apply Wave Meso-Esthetic gel over targeted region and use Meso electrodes to slowly massage treatment area with Transdermal Meso Delivery. (The noninvasive treatment is delivered through a sequence of electrical waveforms that help infuse natural, fat-dissolving substances into fatty layers.)
• Apply Wave “U” ultrasound gel onto target areas, then work ultrasound transducer using slow, circular and linear movement. Do not exceed 5 minutes per treated area. (Ultrasound heats the dermis in its protein layers, increasing collagen production and restoring tissue elasticity.)
• Remove gel using warm, moist towel, and end treatment with a light manual massage using slimming or firming cream.

Why Clients Love It: “With this system, a therapist can customize protocols for body slimming, cellulite smoothing and skin firming using just one device, which is tremendous for our bottom line,” explains La Bella spa director Joseph D. Mandato. “Not only do WAVE 4 programs offer noninvasive and progressive results, but the sessions are very relaxing—without downtime or side effects.”