SPA REVIEWS: New Jersey's Copper River Salon & Spa

Copper River Salon & Spa

Earthy Elements

In feng shui, it is said that incorporating a metal into a a business name will bring the establishment security. Weigand figured “Copper River” aptly encapsulated her idea of “structure with flow.” Playing off the name, the staff painted all pipes and fixtures copper, and chose “metal-like” artistic touches and pieces to hang upon the facility’s green walls. “We wanted something earthy, yet artful,” says Weigand.

The 1,600-square-foot space is housed in a historic old home just off the town’s main drag, Nassau Street. Whenever possible, Weigand employs reclaimed lumber and reusable materials in the décor and, after much research, went with Minardi LED lights for their energy efficiency. (Designed specifically with spas and salons in mind, these lights use 40% to 80% less power than traditional salon lights, while reducing heat emissions.)

Although maintaining the building’s traditional exterior while modernizing its interior required careful planning and countless drafts with architects, Weigand and company were ultimately able to create a space that seamlessly meshed the old and the new—and is better for the environment to boot. “We really maximized the natural light with two large picture windows in the front and one in the rear,” says Weigand.

Not surprisingly, the spa opts for environmentally conscious product lines, and counts itself a member of the National Association of Eco Friendly Salons and Spas, a for-profit organization that aims to help eco-minded beauty establishments share strategies for making their businesses as green as possible.