Spa Profile: Drew Patrick Spa

Drew Patrick Spa

As residents of Bayshore, Allt and Byrnes were already active in community circles, so focusing on local marketing efforts came naturally. “Initially,” recounts Allt, “we donated to every group who asked us, large or small, just requesting that they talk about what we had to offer at their event. We also hosted fundraisers and held community art shows at the spa, and these activities helped to get the word out about ‘what’ we were, in the beginning.”

The next phase of marketing focused on email newsletters, leveraging the community lists that the duo had built through sharing with event partners.

In recent years, Drew Patrick has chosen to focus its support on two organizations: a community theater and the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group. “I’m a big fan and supporter of community arts groups, and the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts combines theater with a community mission that I believe in and that complements what we do,” says Allt. “The CSA initiative was new this year. We created a logo that incorporates the CSA’s logo with our ‘dp’, and printed them onto sturdy canvas bags that we donated for farm share pick-up. Clients love the bags and we see them all over town.”

Allt has recently been investing in direct mail postcards, and has found it surprisingly effective. About 20,000 beautifully designed, 8-by-10-inch cards are sent to targeted areas each month, and they’ve been well received.

Spas that incorporate varied revenue streams is still a new idea, but Drew Patrick is capitalizing on lessons learned in the first six years, and the way those revenue streams support each other. The biggest surprise? Allt says that he never envisioned spending 80% of his time on staff and staff-related issues, but the spa just runs more smoothly when he does so.

Byrnes notes that the spa has had a positive impact on his own practice. “My medical office has been redecorated using a spa-like design, and my staff has been retrained to focus more on service and hospitality,” he says. “My involvement with the spa has changed our approach to our patients; many comment that my office is so different from traditional medical offices.”

For Allt, this all adds up to two words: mission accomplished. “I feel like I have fulfilled my goal to become a positive part of my community,” he says. “I enjoy my role as a wellness center owner. And I would do it all over again.”