SPA PRODUCTS: Partners in Green

Respecting Mother Earth is nothing new for Aveda. Founded in 1978, the company has always been at the industry’s cutting edge in this regard, “innovating botanical technologies and rituals of wellness to promote beauty and balance, while pursuing an ambitious social and environmental agenda,” says Chuck Bennett, vice president of Aveda Earth and Community Care. Empowered by its unique mission, the company strives to set new benchmarks for itself when it comes to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. “By turning conventional thinking on its end, Aveda demonstrates that a beauty manufacturer can provide a habitat for native wildlife as part of its facilities, produce with 100% renewable energy, and sell products with naturally derived ingredients that provide cutting-edge performance.

“Aveda tries to ensure its products will not only benefit customers through exceptional performance, but will positively impact the people and economies from which the product’s ingredients are sourced,” Bennett continues. “We do so whenever possible by using organic, sustainable or renewable plant-based ingredients, providing fair compensation to suppliers, and/or purchasing ingredients that are biodegradable and processed in an environmentally responsible manner.”

The company is proud to manufacture with 100% certified wind power. “Aveda believes that supporting organic agriculture is the first step toward truly sustainable agriculture,” says Bennett. “We have increased our organic certified oils and raw herbal ingredient purchases from a tonnage volume of approximately 25% in 2000 to more than 90% today. Energy efficiency has been a key focus from the time we began our own manufacturing operation more than 20 years ago. We continuously monitor our water use and introduce new technologies for reducing consumption whenever feasible, ranging from low-flow plumbing fixtures to highly efficient, clean-in-place systems in our manufacturing operations.”