SPA PRODUCTS: Partners in Green

Éminence Organic Skin Care

“Incorporating social responsibility into our business approach and practice has been a mandate at Éminence Organic Skin Care since the very beginning,” says Boldijarre Koronczay (pictured, above), president and founder. In fact, two major pillars of the company’s corporate philosophy are 1) giving back to the community, and 2) environmental responsibility.

Planting and harvesting at Éminence farms in Hungary utilize sustainable practices that are easy on the environment. “We use natural compost and plant preservation techniques such as honey traps instead of toxic chemical pesticides,” explains Koronczay. “We rely on manual labor in order to produce as little carbon dioxide as possible. Plus, we only harvest our organic and biodynamic ingredients from controlled areas.”

Éminence uses geothermal heating in its laboratory, where products are created by hand, and products are shipped using biodiesel delivery trucks and also through an airline with a special program in place to offset carbon emissions. “Our warehouses use 100% biodegradable corn packing chips that dissolve harmlessly in water, as well as software that eliminates the need for printing paper invoices,” states Koronczay. “Our offices have been planned to be energy-efficient and incorporate solar panels. Plus, we offer a subsidy to help incentivize staff to take public transit to work.”

The Éminence offices, warehouses and ingredient farms each use comprehensive recycling programs to ensure reduction of waste, which includes paper and packaging. “We use recycled, nontoxic plastic, boxes made with postconsumer recycled material, and natural inks and dyes on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper,” says Koronczay. “And we’re so excited about our latest initiative, Forests for the Future. In order to fight the leading cause of global climate change, we will plant a tree for every product sold. In the first year, we estimate that trees equivalent to approximately 1,000 football fields will be planted around the world.”

Koronczay admits that all of these measures can be challenging, but feels the rewards are more than worth the effort. “We have proven that providing extraordinary products and service for our customers can be done in an environmentally responsible manner. In fact, that’s something we believe is integral to our success,” he says. “It’s rewarding to lead the spa industry in green practices, to give back to our community and do our part to save the planet. It’s also very rewarding to see the dramatic shift toward sustainability in the industry since we began.”