Spa Management: Spa Week Strategies


5. Be Flexible

Due to the popularity of Spa Week, spa owners often find that their technicians’ schedules fill up long before the event commences. To ensure new—and existing—clients receive treatment, spa owners must be flexible in their Spa Week scheduling. Spa Week’s Crowley recommends extending the seven-day time frame to accommodate your spa’s client flow. “Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to just limit the event to one week,” Crowley explains. “You run the risk of overworking and stressing out your staff.”

Nina Kay, owner of Nina’s Day Spa and Laser Center in New York City, says a flexible schedule allows her to keep staffing tight. “Customers can book appointments for the week before and after the event, and we will still honor the price,” Kay says. Some spas extend the event for the entire month.

At CloudMover Day Spa, employees capitalize on Spa Week momentum by offering a follow-up treatment at the same $50 price tag. “This allows clients to maintain results and ideally they’ll bring a friend along for a future service,” says Mason-Arnold.