Spa Management: Spa Week Strategies


2. Prepare (and Pamper) Your Staff

For many spas, Spa Week marks one of the busiest times of the year, akin to retail activity during “Black Friday” and the holiday shopping season. Many participating spas report record weeks and 20% to 30% increases in business. Motivating and preparing your staff is vital to ensuring the best client experiences possible.

Kaupe beefs up staffing at her Atlanta spa to make way for the wave of clients that come in during Spa Week. “I’ll bring in extra massage therapists, since that is one of our big Spa Week services,” she explains. She also stresses the importance of keeping employee morale high throughout the hectic event. “Before Spa Week, I make sure all of my employees get facials and massages,” Kaupe says. “And after the event, we do a girls’ night out. We all grab dinner and enjoy a little pampering.”

Enforcing selling initiatives is especially important during Spa Week, as client retention and rebooking are key objectives. “We keep track of how many clients our employees rebook each day,” Trimmer says. “If their rate is above 30% at the end of each month, my service providers receive a bonus. It’s pretty safe to say there’s a lot of rebooking going on during Spa Week.”

3. Publicize, Publicize, Publicize

In becoming a Spa Week affiliate, spa owners gain complete access to the company’s marketing tools and connections. The Spa Week team offers in-store signage as well as some massive exposure via television and print advertising segments. “This exposes your spa’s brand to millions of people,” says Crowley.

CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach, California, is one of the many spa affiliates that have benefited from Spa Week’s marketing efforts. “Spa Week’s live television opportunity on KTLA in the fall of 2010 resulted in massive exposure,” says president Anne Mason-Arnold. “We couldn’t answer the phones fast enough, and the buzz continues to this day.” 

Spa Week’s promotion and online listing of participating spas goes live some six weeks before each event. Mason-Arnold makes sure her own in-house promotion gets a head start as well, as results can be immediate. “Spa Week provides us with a ‘Get Ready for Spa Week Kit’ that includes different advertisements to be posted to our website or printed out and placed in the spa,” she explains. “So as soon as they start to promote Spa Week, so do we—and the bookings begin immediately.”

Kaupe’s Spa Week clients come from all over, so her marketing strategy follows suit. In addition to an aggressive media campaign, encompassing Twitter, Facebook and email blasts, guerilla marketing and local networking have also proven effective. “We print out hundreds of fliers and distribute them to nearby communities, as well as others up to three hours away,” Kaupe says. “We also work with local chambers of commerce to help spread the word about the event, and end up getting visits from people both near and far.”