Spa Management: Spa Week Strategies


1. Choose the Right Treatments

Discounting a pricey treatment to the low price of $50 can be a painful maneuver, and for some spa owners, the tempting solution is to cut down on length or service “extras.” But, Angela Kaupe, owner of Angela Michael Skincare and Spa in Atlanta, and Spa Week veteran, says downgrading a treatment experience defeats the purpose of Spa Week and could be the kiss of death for a day spa’s reputation.

“It’s bad customer service,” Kaupe explains. “If I were a customer coming in for a 60-minute treatment that was cut to 45, I would be extremely disappointed and would not come back. By offering the full service, you’re showing clients you care about their experience, and that you truly want their business.”

This mentality should also be in play when it comes to selecting the two or three options to feature during Spa Week. Spa owners should take careful consideration and offer exciting services that are a real bargain to entice clients, says Crowley. “If you’re offering a $50 European Facial that is normally $75, that really isn’t a substantial discount,” she explains. “You need to be strategic about what treatments or services will truly capture client attention.”

Spas would also be wise to play upon the novelty and luxury factors of their featured services. Capitalizing on a treatment’s celebrity following, for example, could help boost interest in your Spa Week services. During Fall 2012 Spa Week last October, spa-goers had the opportunity to indulge in “star-studded” treatments such as the Swedish Massage (30-90 min./$65-$135) from Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, California—a favorite of actress and singer Vanessa Williams—and the Essential Manicure and Pedicure combo (75 min./$95) from ELLE Spa in Miami, famously enjoyed by actress Joy Bryant. With the help of the Spa Week Media team, these spas hyped-up these exclusive treatments in their marketing materials and campaigns.

Coupling Spa Week with a service launch can be a great way to build buzz, too. For instance, last October, Kristen Trimmer, owner of Absolutely Chic Day Spa in Peoria, Arizona, used Spa Week as a promotional vehicle for the spa’s new Anti-Cellulite Massage and Body Wrap. “This helped us market it to our existing clients and those we haven’t seen in a while,” says Trimmer. “We were able to reach out and give them something new and exciting to come in for.”