Spa Business: Water Depletion & the Spa Industry


Greening the Spa Brand

Porter agrees that the issue of water, if positioned correctly, provides day spas the opportunity to “ride the wave,” so to speak. “There are two big impacts the water shortage will have (and already has) on spas: 1) the internal impact, relating to how water is used within the business, and 2) the external impact, through new opportunities for valuable local PR. Executed strategically, media exposure in the short-term can lead to long-term, mature brand awareness for a spa throughout a community.”

Porter also recommends that spa owners become agents for change for their clients and the community by branding their businesses closely with today’s true meaning of the spa, “health through water.” “Clients, media and the community at large will then view the owner as an influencer,” he says. “The issue of water can be either a challenge or an opportunity for business owners.”

The water shortage crisis can spur spas to offer a relaxing experience that’s truly transformative by leading us all toward conscious use of resources. “It’s entirely possible to offer every element of a luxury experience without sacrificing the environment,” Stusser says. “Then clients really do feel better, because they’re playing a part in environmental responsibility, and they’ll adopt similar lifestyle practices back home or at the workplace. Spas’ healing power can truly extend to the larger universe—healing mind, body and spirit, but also the planet.”