Spa Business: Water Depletion & the Spa Industry

Uniting With Colleagues

Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual in Van Nuys, California, recommends connecting with like-minded spa professionals through an organization like the Green Spa Network—“an excellent support group for the greening of the spa industry,” she says. An online toolkit for the organization’s members helps determine ways to be more water-conscious. Plus, networking with fellow members allows everyone to share ideas for water conservation. “No one has the complete answer to this challenge,” admits Stusser, “but a number of little changes can make a difference.”

Calling upon spa owners to take responsibility for how they use and maintain this precious resource, Stusser calls current water shortages an “enormous, obvious opportunity for our industry to step forward and show leadership by alerting clientele of the gravity of this issue.” He points out that the industry serves our culture’s most influential people, and as representatives of health, wellness, healing and vitality, it’s important to spread the word to clients and help them understand what’s at stake.