Sensual Synthesis

Jacuzzi Room
Gender-separated wet areas include saunas, steam rooms, vitality pools and ice fountains.

Taste and Smell

The spa accommodates the second tier of senses via unique beverage choices and a dedication to using local ingredients—even growing its own healing herbs and plants. Upon check-in, I received hot tea made with fresh ginger (which lent a stimulating spiciness), served in a metal-handled shot glass. And, my transporting Hot Stone Chocolate Massage—during which aromas of cocoa wafted throughout the room, thanks to massage oil infused with chocolate from nearby Catalonia—was topped off with a Hot Dark Chocolate Lush “elixir” ($9). This drink was crafted with organic dark chocolate and panela (an unrefined whole-cane sugar), and served with nickel-size nuggets of dark chocolate.

On Six Senses’ outdoor balconies, guests can check out some of the potted plants that are used in services, including aloe vera, rosemary and lavender. In fact, the spa’s recently introduced treatment series, SLOW LIFE—“sustainable, local, organic, wellness, learning, inspiring, fun experiences”—is centered upon this use of indigenous ingredients, and ensures that loyal Six Senses Spa-hoppers will experience distinct spa journeys at each location. The SLOW LIFE Lavender Massage (80 min./$252), for example, utilizes oils infused with herbs grown on-site. “We’ve always used local herbs, fruits and vegetables in our treatments,” says Escobedo, “but it’s more interesting now that they’re growing here, where guests can see them.”

Escobedo says that the demand for organic and local was far lower when the spa opened in 2005, but that now, with the general population more concerned about what goes in and onto their bodies, Six Senses’ original values are helping the spa stand out. Even the prepackaged product lines that are retailed and used in treatments are organic and natural, reinforcing the spa’s commitment to wellness. Escobedo also notes the popularity of the spa’s meditation, personal fitness, yoga and Pilates offerings. “Many guests begin their spa experiences with yoga or meditation on the outdoor terrace, or downstairs by the pool overlooking the sea, thereby cleansing the mind and setting the stage for a truly transformative experience.”