Sensual Synthesis

Zona Descanso
Sunlight and water are primary sensory elements at Six Senses.

Sight, Sound, Touch

Perhaps the most unique element of Barcelona’s Six Senses Spa is its wealth of outdoor spaces. Al fresco, unisex relaxation areas flank each side of the interior lounge (which itself houses separate sides—one kept dark and housing two beds, another with facing couches and a window overlooking the sea), so even daylong-package-buying guests needn’t shun daylight for hours. These balconies are ideal for taking in the cool air from the sea or simply sunning in lounge chairs; I found this setting my favorite spot in the spa (though the wet room, with its small Jacuzzi, showers, sauna and steam room, also boasted magnificent views).

The steam room, as well as all treatment rooms, incorporate chromatherapy; a network of tiny light fixtures embedded into walls display washes of a range of hues, all infused with distinct healing energies. This is one way in which the experience can be tailored to each guest, says spa director Montse Escobedo. “We choose the colors for each room depending on the client’s mood,” she explains. “If she’s stressed out, we’ll use blue; if she lacks energy, we’ll use orange. The colors are changed according to the outlook of the client and the treatment she receives.”

Low-key yet upscale, Six Senses offers tasteful Spanish-language magazines juxtaposed with art books in its relaxation area; I thumbed through a Dali tome while awaiting my therapist, which reinforced the spa’s exotic Spanish setting, and relaxed me (much more than perusing the latest gossip mags would have done!). Once inside the treatment room and ready to receive the Hot Stone Chocolate Massage (50 min./$220), my therapist, Christina, inquired about my preferred pressure and areas of concentration, and my comfort level with the room’s music and temperature levels. Ultimately, she tailored the experience to my exact specifications, right down to the song selection.