Inspiration: The Modern Bel

DIY Tips from Alexis Ufland of Lexi Design

As resort spas become more elaborate, they can also become more expensive to build. Here are some DIY tips for day spa owners who want to replicate the best of contemporary designs in their own spas—all within the limits of a smart budget.

• One of the most striking design elements of the Hotel Bel-Air Spa is the backdrop of lush greenery. Day spa owners can achieve a similar ambiance by simply incorporating indoor gardening into the spa space. Bringing the “outside” in is a common luxury spa theme, but keeping greenery alive with limited lighting is a challenge. That’s why designer Carmen Salazar created the Growlight: It uses indoor plants such as tropicals, herbs and succulents to create sculptured gardens with built-in lighting and maintenance. These are longer-lasting and far less costly than buying weekly flower arrangements.

• Hand-painted wall designs [as shown above] add a signature touch to any room, and create a kind of “branding” for your spa. This same look can be achieved for a fraction of the price with high-end wall decals. Look for some of the most creative (and least expensive) options at etsy to view my personal favorites. And see how you can change the look of an entire room in under an hour and for less than $100!

• If your retail shelving is dark and your product line difficult to see, clients won’t be excited to purchase what you are selling. But it’s easy to brighten up shelves simply by adding a mirror base and acrylic blocks. Have your local glass and mirror store cut mirror the size of your shelf unit, and place it opposite this shelving unit’s light fixture. The mirror will reflect the light and artfully showcase your product display. Then rest the products on top of clear acrylic blocks Lifestyle Trimco—giving them a “glow” that will prove alluring and be irresistible to your clients!

• Mosaic tiles can add a luxurious, unique touch to a spa locker room. For the most modern tile designs, I avoid expensive designer prices and go right to the product source. Caledonia Stone and Tile works with any size project and can ship anywhere in the country. The newest mosaics come in a mix of colors, shapes and sizes—a budget-friendly way to give your spa that extra touch of panache.

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