Inspiration: The Modern Bel

Manicure-Pedicure Station at Hotel Bel-Air Spa

THE MANICURE-PEDICURE STATION Each station is a lacquered box, with tables and implements that fold out of the sides. “It’s our take on a Donald Judd sculpture,” says Kastl. “It’s like a little puzzle with doors that open, panels that flip down and hidden machines. It’s very clever.” The dazzling grassy green color (Stem Green from Benjamin Moore) is a visual echo of the hotel’s expansive lawns. “We went through many, many paint samples before we came across this color. It has some yellow. It’s bright and clean and fun, as if fresh out of the garden,” says the designer. The hand-painted mural of the bougainvillea branch was done by Moss and Lam in Japanese ink. “We wanted a graphic contrast to the softness in the room,” says the designer. The room has French doors that open out to a patio, allowing fresh air and sunlight to flood the space.

DETAILS “Our firm has done a lot of spa work so we understand functionality,” says Kastl. Working closely with La Prairie, the designers discussed to the smallest detail which built-in elements would be needed in each station. Kastl and his team then layered in operational features—the footbath, faucets, manicure tables and tool storage—that the space had to accommodate. To finish the surfaces, they used a hardcore catalyzed lacquer resistant to stains. The result: Sublime temples of private pampering with an unexpected pop of color.