Inspiration: The Modern Bel

Hotel Bel-Air Spa's reception desk and Retail Boutique

RECEPTION The designer’s inspiration for the reception desk—a black crystal-tiled podium set against gently reflective ivory walls—was a Judith Leiber jeweled clutch evening bag the team had spotted in an ad. Working with a tiny reception area, the team wanted the clients to be “filled with excitement” as they entered the spa. “We knew this would be their first interaction with the spa but also that they wouldn’t be spending a lot of time here,” Kastl says. “So this is a little surprise that has a lot of impact.”

Inset: RETAIL BOUTIQUE The small retail space had to accommodate products, samples, wrapping paper and bags, as well as a closet for clothes and a sound system—all in a tiny space. The designers worked intimately with La Prairie on functionality, building distinct spaces for what needed to be displayed and stored.

THE DETAILS While the lobby is a dazzling statement with bright walls, the boutique is a transitional space, with an earthy, dark brown charcoal ceiling and subdued lighting to quiet the mind and prepare the client to enter an inner sanctum. The modern potted plant hints at the spa’s indoor/outdoor message.